Nov 15, 2020 C0VlD Depression & Govt “Comfort”


(1)C0VlD depression up 3 times STRESSORS!

(2) Puerto Rico activating National Guard to fight COVID-19, unarmed troops to help enforce curfew

(3) South Korea to Fine People for Not Wearing Masks


(5) Austria orders three-week lockdown to rein in surging coronavirus cases

(6) Oregon, New Mexico order lockdowns as other states resist

(7) California Restrictions

(8) Drones Command ‘Cheer Up, Korea!’ in the Sky as Seoul Tightens Coronavirus Measures

“COMMAND” (verb) 1. give an authoritative order. “a gruff voice commanded us to enter” 2. dominate (a strategic position) from a superior height. “the two castles commanded the harbor” (noun) an authoritative order.

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