May 24, 2021 Top Ten: Their Plans for Us


Another crazy Top Ten!

Bill Gates Funded the Company Releasing Gene-Hacked Mosquitoes

Growing mystery of suspected energy attacks draws US concern

Fauci Admits He’s ‘Not Convinced’ COVID-19 Is Natural

Virginia Democrats Plan to Dig Up Grave of Confederate General A.P. Hill, No Plan To Move Coffin

Thailand: Villagers Receiving Coronavirus Vaccination Entered into Raffle for Cow

Las Vegas strip club offers vaccine clinic

Groundbreaking Smart Toilet takes photos of your poo to send to doctors for analysis

Report: Oregon Health Authority Tells Businesses to Check Customer Vaccination Status if Maskless
Frontline doctors file motion to stop FDA authorization of COVID vaccines for children

Rand Paul: ‘I’m not getting vaccinated’

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One Response to “May 24, 2021 Top Ten: Their Plans for Us”

  1. <path_to_url> Joe Oliveira

    I truly believe that the US government knows full well what these mystery energy attacks are and who is behind them. One must remember that the media is controlled by the CIA to manipulate, distract and control the narrative. If they tell you one thing it is more likely the opposite is the truth. Fauci is backtracking because he has been caught in a lie that is about to be exposed. The level of insanity to entice you to get the jab is off the scales.

    This smart toilet is nothing but another device to keep track of our health and invade our medical privacy. (I laughed at your jokes about this article!) When governments entice children with ice cream (this happened last Sunday in Ontario Canada) in order to poke them with a needle it should send chills down every parent’s spine. Thank you Terri Lynn. God bless everyone!


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