May 10, 2021 Top Ten: All Authority


Gone are the days of freedom. A must see Top Ten

Been Devastating’: UMass Amherst Students Suspended For Not Wearing Masks Off-Campus

Government, Doctors Warn Brits Against Hugging Even After Restrictions Lifted

DC mayor bans dancing at weddings
The Mayor of Washington DC has issued a health order which demands wedding guests stay seated at wedding receptions.
The order specifically notes that at weddings, “Attendees and guests must remain seated and socially distanced from each other and other household groups… Standing and dancing receptions are not allowed.” Standing… is now illegal.

Bowser’s order, which went into effect May 1, states guests at weddings must remain seated and socially distanced from one another or other household groups. Venues hosting weddings may open with 25% capacity or fewer than 250 guests. “Standing and dancing receptions are not allowed,” the order says.

Smart Speakers Go Beyond Waiting to Be Asked

‘Mind control’ warning as smartphone apps will be used to shape world views, say experts

China’s digital currency could bring surveillance state to wallets at expense of US dollar

US Supreme Court: Pfizer, Moderna May OWN Your Genes If You Get Jab

Breaking! Klaus Schwab Calls For Global Health Pass Based on Implantable Microchip

Transcendence (2014 film)

5G Trials to begin in India

In India’s surge, a religious gathering attended by millions helped the virus spread

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2 Responses to “May 10, 2021 Top Ten: All Authority”

  1. <path_to_url> Laura

    Nicely poor together Terri. Than you❤️

  2. <path_to_url> Joe Oliveira

    Cancel culture is a disease in society. The reason that schools, businesses, and institutions fire, suspend, or outright shun people at a moment’s notice is that their courage is no longer within them. Any little thing can set off a storm of backlash by the weakest people in our society.

    Digital currency is nothing but digital tracking of your spending. I always wonder why after there is a leak of private information they always say, we value your privacy. They should reword it to say we value your private data because we can make money on it. If the powers that be wanted to reduce the world’s population then India would be a testing ground for them. Thanks Terri Lynn. God bless us all.


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