June 22 2021 Top Ten The Frightening New Normal


Everyday, I say “this is a MUST SEE Top Ten” and everyday it is! Head shaking. Thank you for watching.
Love Terri Lynn (TL)

Amazon’s new show Utopia tells the story of a plot to depopulate the earth with a pandemic.

The Eerie Way Amazon Prime’s ‘Utopia’ Mirrors Real Current Events

Nearly 4,000 People in Massachusetts Have Tested Positive for Coronavirus After Being Fully Vaccinated

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine linked to rare blood disease – Israeli study

Canadian Politician, Doctors Condemn Censorship of Scientific Inquiry and Suppression of Information on Vaccine Risks to Kids

Covid boosters in the fall? As calls grow for third shots, here’s what you need to know

College Forces Students to Get Vaccinated or Pay Over a Grand as a ‘Health and Safety’ Fee

End of Religious Freedom in America? Senate Could Vote on Equality Act By End of the Month

Philippines’ Duterte threatens vaccine decliners with jail, animal drug

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Trump proposed sending Americans with Covid to Guantánamo, book claims

Woke Ideology Mimics Precursors to Totalitarian Slaughter, Experts Say

Christian man fired after refusing to provide fingerprints

The FBI Is The KGB

Background checks blocked a record high 300,000 gun sales


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5 Responses to “June 22 2021 Top Ten The Frightening New Normal”

  1. <path_to_url> Joe Oliveira

    It seems to be these medical doctors and others who have been pushing the propaganda will now be handed a new script for these newly updated vaccines. More and more stories are talking about how these vaccines are linked to serious illnesses, is it no wonder they are canceling out anyone even the ones that are “following the science” to keep the lie going. First, they entice you to take the jab and now they will punish you if you don’t. It is insane even to think about it, imagine getting a fine or jail time if you did not take a normal flu shot in the past!

    The communist ideology is infecting the rest of the world, When the law says you must choose between God and man by breaking your religious beliefs and convictions then we are truly living in the end times. Thank you Terri Lynn for an eye-opening top 10. I’m praying that we get strong in Jesus. God bless everyone!

  2. <path_to_url> HAL COOK

    Thank you Terri Lynn for the top 10. Dr. Fauci who created the coronavirus covid 19 back in 2013 & modifying it up to 2017. Billionaire Bill Gates and Barack Obama and Dr. Fauci all knew this coming pandemic was Planned and to be released in the Wuhan laboratory in 2019 in the china location. These satanic New World Order elites are rolling out the plan of depopulate the World and work towards their Utopia. Eventually we who aren’t vacillated will be Punished for Not slowly killing ourselves with the vaccine. Last week in UK Britain Airways had 4 pilots die from the vaccine and the corporate office claimed not from the vaccine did they All die within 10 days after receiving their 2nd injection of the vaccine. Interesting isn’t it??? I showed this to my sister who in 1971 was all excited about the Book ” The late great planet Earth ” Hal Lindsey, asked me not to tell her anymore spiritual updates about the Antichrist or The vaccine injection will kill you. She was made to be vaccinated by Prohealth hospital to keep her job as a RN. I told her not to take the injection and quit her job and go into retirement, she refused and might moss Heaven now. I believe Jesus might say deparr from me, as I never knew you. Isn’t it scary. Praying for Josh and you and all your supporters

    • <path_to_url> Terri Lynn

      Yes, I covered the 4 pilots all dying in a video a few days ago. Crazy times.
      Thank you for watching. ~ Love TL

  3. <path_to_url> HAL COOK

    Depart from me, amd miss Heaven were misspells there, sorry

  4. <path_to_url> Terri Lynn

    Yes, I covered the 4 pilots all dying in a video a few days ago. Crazy times.
    Thank you for watching. ~ Love TL


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