Feb 7, 2021 Attacks from WITHIN- Should I Pack it Up!


I appreciate those that give me support and love and encouragement. Ya’ll have no idea how many attacks I get every day, “from the church” (said loosely) I get online every day, bring the HARD TRUTH..for free. Endangering myself every day.

I have given ya’ll the account of what happened to me in 2012 being watched by the g0v living at my LSU apartment. It terrified Josh. …i did a full vid on it. I get online EVERY DAY..FOR FREE…to warn my brothers and sisters in a sense of OB:IGATION to my brethren to warn and prepare.

I don’t have a channel where I show my cleavage, or bring nonse or use click bait to draw attention to a channel that is monetized to earn money promoting garbage! The truth is free! I give ya’ll the hard truth, not stroking your itching ears and I give it to you straight. ITS ME that is endangering MYSELF at no cost at all to any of ya’ll, but out of an URGENT OBLIGATION TO THE LORD to warn ya’ll.

But when “Christians” inbox me and attack me, I ask myself why I am on here warning ..for people that don’t ear the message, only want to attack. I love those that Love me, and I’m praying for those that hate me. God bless you in Jesus’ name. Love TL

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