Dec 17 2020 Vack for you But Not for US


  The US MILITARY WONT TAKE THE VAXX!!! BUT THEY ARE BRINGING IT TO YOU! (1) Trump says he’s mobilizing military to distribute potential coronavirus vaccine… (2) MILITARY BENEFITS AND The Centers for Disease Control And Prevention (3) 50 U.S.C. 1520 – Use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents by Department of Defense; accounting to Congressional committees with respect to experiments and studies; notification of local civilian officials… PART 2… (4) Dr. Francis Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Act SAYS ITS A WEAPON… (5) MY VIDEO ARCHIVES: Apr 10, 2020 US Military Biowarfare Experiments on US… (6) Nov 26 2020 The UsG0V \ExPeriments on US Citizens (viaV/a/cks)… (7) Pentagon: Troops Won’t Be Required to Take Coronavirus Vaccine… (8) For Now, US Troops Won’t Be Required to Get New COVID-19 Vaccine… (9) Chief ‘Warp Speed’ operating officer: We are ready to distribute vaccines all across America… (10) U.S. vaccine campaign launches with first shipments ‘delivering hope’ to millions… (11) TRUMP AND WHITE HOUSE STAFF WONT GET VAXX… (12) Putin won’t take Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine, despite claims of 90% effectiveness… (13) Brazil’s Bolsonaro says he will not take coronavirus vaccine… (14) Pfizer’s CEO will wait to get a COVID-19 vaccine, and says company executives won’t ‘cut the line’… (15) We’re running out of time to tackle COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy… (16) proof of vaccine to enter venues… (17) Can you be required to get a COVID-19 vaccine before going back to work?… (18) As COVID-19 Vaccine Nears, Employers Consider Making It Mandatory… (19) schools + mandatory covid vaccine… (20) colleges may require vaccination… (21) Why Colleges May Be Able To Order Students To Get Covid-19 Vaccinations… (22) Covid: Vaccination will be required to fly, says Qantas chief… (23) alan dershowitz + mandatory vaccine… (24) Jacobson v. Massachusetts Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court upheld the authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws. The Court’s decision articulated the view that individual liberty is not absolute and is subject to the police power of the state. (25) IBM Launches Blockchain-Powered Digital Health Pass for COVID-19…,

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