Dec 15, 2020 Top Ten: Brave New World is The New Normal


This is ANOTHER MUST SEE! (1) Public gets behind idea of mask mandates… (2) Fed joins global club of peers in climate change fight… (3) Canada allowed Chinese troops on Canadian soil to observe military exercises… (3-a) Revealed: China suspected of spying on Americans via Caribbean phone networks… (4) Cell phone cameras can detect coronavirus? Scientists reveal how it’s possibles… (5) Could your employer mandate a coronavirus vaccine? Many employers encouraging it for now… (6) Pfizer CEO hasn’t gotten his COVID vaccine, claiming he doesn’t wish to cut in line… (7) Record number of journalists imprisoned in 2020 – report… (8) ‘Go and sin no more’ could land you in jail… (8-a) BIBLE BAN IN SCOTLAND… (8-b) CALIFORNIA BANS HOME BIBLE STUDY… (9) Intel Agencies Seek to Perfect Biometric Recognition from Drones… (9-a) The U.S. will store biometric data on over 250 million people on Amazon Cloud… (9-b) Homeland Security’s Biometrics Database Is on Its Way to the Amazon Cloud… (9-c) Amazon wins FAA approval for Prime Air drone delivery fleet… (9-d) ‘The Machines Did The Killing’: Obama Awkwardly Defends Drone Kill List In New Memoir… (9-e) AARON SWARTZ + OBAMA ke.e.eL List… (9-f) AARON SWARTZ COFOUNDER OF REDDIT… (10) Barack Obama Once Said He Would Be Fine with Running a ‘Front Man or Woman’ President with an Earpiece from His Basement…

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