Dec 12, 2020 Top Ten: 0bey, You Will Be Happier (eyeroll)


Total oppression on horizon. (1) App will implement vaccination status… (2) New York legislation could make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory QUOTE: ” A New York lawmaker has proposed mandating vaccination against COVID-19 if not enough residents voluntarily get the shot once it is available. ”… (3) NJ LAWMAKER WANTS MANDATORY COVID SHOT FOR ALL KIDS WITHOUT EXEMPTION… (4) NHS Commercial Terrifies Children by Showing Santa Dying of COVID… (5) AMAZON USING SOCIAL DISTANCING TECHNOLOGY TO WARN STAFFERS WHO GET TOO CLOSE… (6) WHAT IF ALL AMERICANS EXERCISED REGULARLY?… (7) Chinese citizen journalist detained for reporting on Wuhan coronavirus outbreak “may not survive” QUOTE: accused by the Chinese government of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble,”… (8) Remote Drone Dispatch: Law Enforcement’s Future?… (8-a) REAL-TIME AERIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR TODAY’S FIRST RESPONDERS (8-b) Unmanned Drones to Respond to 911 Calls in Georgia Town… (8-c) Police Drones Are Starting to Think for Themselves… (8-d) DRONES USED TO ENFORCE SOCIAL DISTANCING… (8-e) FACIAL FEATURES PREDICT IF YOU ARE A CRIMINAL… (9) NO PRIVACY, NO PROPERTY: THE WORLD IN 2030 ACCORDING TO THE WEF… (10) “YOU’LL OWN NOTHING AND YOU’LL BE HAPPY…” #6 begin to remove the promised entitlements.…

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