Website Updates & Fixes

Website Issues & Fixes.

Hi everyone sometimes issues come up and I will try my best to fix them or find a workaround. I strive to make a worry-free experience for everyone. Thank you for your understanding and patience! I encourage everyone to use the Feedback tab.

Issue 1: Login & Registering.

Currently, there is an issue where a user is getting a “There has been a critical error on this website” message when attempting to log in or registering.

Issue 1: Workaround

When this error message appears just click the back button to get back into the website. A new user can be created without clicking on registering. Send me your User Name, First and Last name & email address. I will send you an email with a link for you to reset and choose a new password. Once that is completed you will be logged in to the website. Email me

Issue 2: Need to login to post a comment.

Previously a user needed to login in order to post a comment to a video.

Issue 2: Fix

This has been changed. A user needs to add their name and email in order to post a comment

Issue 3: User-Submitted Video Error

You may see a “There has been a critical error on this website” message when trying to upload a video through the Add Video function of the website. To get back to the website click the back button or the website link again.

Issue 3: Workaround

Your video may still have gone through but an error message may display. Please wait until I approve it for publication.

Videos that are User Submitted using a Video URL instead of upload will display the “Video Submitted Successfully” message and should be ok pending approval.