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About HardNewsTV

In a world where propaganda is legalized, and daily utilized, and where Truth is quietly hidden, or blatantly censored, finding the truth in a convoluted environment is getting harder every day. here on HardNewsTV-Digging for Truth, we realize that “Truth is like archaeology, and every day we are Digging for it”!

What is Hard News? In journalism, Hard News is used to refer to topics that are usually urgent, timely, important, and consequential, such as politics, international affairs, economic and business news. Conversely, soft news topics include entertainment, celebrity news, lifestyle news, etc. You will NEVER get “soft news” on HardNewsTV-Digging for Truth. Why that saying, “Truth is like archaeology, and every day we’re digging for it?” Because everything of value, i.e. gold, diamonds, oil, etc., is not easily seen or easily accessible on the surface, you have to work to get it!

And here on HardNewsTV-Digging for Truth, we dig through the BS, to get to the REAL TRUTH every day! I appreciate you stopping by, and I invite you to stay. We will discover hard and hidden truth together along the way! Terri Lynn